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Iguazu Falls Luxury Tours: Travel in Comfort and Style

Luxury Travel to Iguazu

Iguazu Falls Luxury Tours: What you’ll see and how it works

We offer several different options for luxury tours, so that you can travel to and enjoy Iguazu Falls in comfort and style.  With these tour packages,  you’ll stay at premium hotels and find an opportunity to  experience the impressive waterfalls, but also to relax and enjoy the best in Iguazu accommodations.  Check out the amazing luxury packages we have to offer:

Luxury Loi SuitesWith our Loi Suites Iguazu Hotel 2-day-escape, you’ll arrive by plane to Iguazu and to your breathtaking hotel, located in the jungle of Iryapu. The natural/ecological aesthetic is complemented by a truly beautiful tropical setting. On your first day, you’ll be taken on a private tour of the Argentine side of the falls, complete with great views and an optional boat ride, On the second day, you can book a tour for the Brazilian side of the falls, or relax and enjoy the hotel before returning  to Buenos Aires in the evening.

Luxury Sheraton TourAt the Sheraton Iguazu Resort & Spa, we offer a chance to really enjoy the Falls while also being able to relax! With our Sheraton tour package, you’ll be staying right at the heart of the Argentine Iguazu Falls National Park. On your first day you’ll take a private tour of the National Park , and on the second you can book a tour to see the Brazilian side, or enjoy all the great things the spa and hotel have to offer before your flight leaves for Buenos Aires in the evening.


Luxury Amerian HotelYou also have the option of staying at the 5-Star Amerian Portal del Iguazu Hotel as part of a 3-day tour package. You’ll be about 15 kilometers from the waterfalls, and you’ll be able to enjoy such thing as outdoor and indoor pools, a spa, a gym, and tennis courts. After your flight arrives, you’ll be picked up by our tour guide and a personal driver to visit the Brazilian Iguazu Falls National Park – you’ll see panoramic views of Iguazu Falls, tropical plants, and much more! On your second day, you’ll be taken on a private full-day tour and excursion to the Argentine National Park. Finally, on the morning of your third day you’ll be taken to the airport for your return flight to Buenos Aires.


Why take a Luxury Tour to Iguazu Falls?

Our luxury tour options provide the ultimate way to experience Iguazu Falls. You’ll be taken on private tours with knowledgeable English-speaking tour guides so that you really get to explore and learn about the Falls. You’ll also be able to enjoy the premium-quality service and amenities offered at these spectacular hotels. You’ll have a space to truly relax during your stay at this magical place, Iguazu Falls.

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