Traditional meals of Iguazu falls

restaurants-iguazu05Paraguayan soup, chipa, cassava and reviro are the most recognized foods. The sweet dessert papaya is most requested at hotels or regional houses.

Nature chose to show the Litoral region completely. The coolness of the water of rivers, green fields, red earth, flora and fauna in Iguazu in perfect harmony are part of a melting pot. The flavors are coupled to this scenario and show the cultural richness of the area.
In the morning, mate is a ritual. Accompanied by some herbs site or orange peel, this tea is a symbol of the country and a motive for family and friends meeting. The round begins. They all drink the same matte, while enjoying a tasty chipá. The essence is to share.
To the north of the coastal region is clearly influenced by the Guarani culture in local cuisine. The typical local dishes are made with fresh ingredients and seasonal. dishes based on cassava (boiled, fried and baked) in the flour it occurs – chipa, mbeyú, caburé, reviro- and corn: it pororó, yopará, guazú chipa. Fish River also part of the littoral table. The tastiest are the vogue, surubí, pacu, shad, catfish and other farmed fish such as tilapia and African catfish. Fittings typically range from fresh vegetables, cassava and seasonal products. papaya, orange, tangerine, pineapple, avocado, mango, guava and passion fruit: for making desserts fruits place, typical of tropical areas gently used. The originality of the chefs is evident in these desserts that highlight the flavor and texture of the fruit. Here are irresistible candy curious wooden alfajores manioc flour and fresh passion fruit ice cream and yerba mate.

Iguazu presents some traditional dishes that are recognized outside the province. Street vendors offer the famous chipa, made from manioc starch, eggs and Creole cheese, subjected to heat the oven. In Buenos Aires, for example, it is mentioned as “chipá” with accent on the last vowel.
The “reviro” is another food of the region. The base is fat, flour and oil. It’s a heavy meal, but allows the Ranger cope with their harsh tasks throughout the day.
In towns and Northwest Coast Alto Uruguay found the “Feijao preto” which is nothing but a stew of black beans with rice and spices at will. This dish is part of the cuisine of southern Brazil.
Another regional dish is churrasco sprat, which is simply a churrasco crossed by a sprat 50-70 cm long, nailed supports and which diners are eating.
On the other hand, the Paraguayan soup, which could be compared to a cake prepared with white corn, cheese and eggs. Paraguayan soup is solid. The exquisite cassava consumed in pots or accompany roast. It can also be served as fried.
On the side of the desserts, a sweet that is often found in Misiones is the sucker, prepared with the fruit of this plant, which reaches 10 meters high. The sucker is much sought after by tourists in hotels and regional houses. Walking through any route in the province plant is observed. In addition, ice cream and rose petals or rosella are prepared.
Among the drinks are coveted Paraguayan cane and cachaça, a kind of brandy.

Restaurants in Iguazu falls

Parrilla Pizza Color is a specialty pizzas, pastas and grill where you’ll find good prices and a wide restaurant. Be sure to try the grilled fish. The restaurant has a patio where there is often live music.
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 00:00 hs.
Av Cordoba 135 -. + 54 3757 420-206

La Rueda 1975 is a steak and fish restaurant, where it is recommended to try the house special as surubí Nolenghus, beef sausage and grilled pineapple La Rueda. The restaurant has a wine cellar with more than 700 wine labels. Prices are moderate.
Av Cordoba 28 – +54 (03757) 422-531

Il Fratello is a steak, pasta and fish where you have to try pacu or pizza restaurant. The portions are generous and the price-quality ratio of the dishes is good.
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 11:30 to 00:00 hs.
Gustavo Eppens 244 Av. – 424157

El Quincho del Tio Querido specializes in the typical flavors of Misiones and serves tables of cold cuts, meat and fish on the grill and homemade pastas. It also offers an interesting menu of red wines, perfect to accompany meats. The prices of the dishes are affordable and attention is cordial.
Av Pte JD Peron and Caraguatá -.. +54 3757 420-151

AQVA Restaurant specializes in fish, meat and pasta, and is a quiet and friendly restaurant serves hearty portions and dishes you have to try as tropical surubí, Patagonian lamb chop and pacu. The price-quality ratio is good.
Hours: Monday to Sunday from 12:00 to 00:00 hs.
Av Cordoba and Carlos Thays -. +54 03757 422-064

La Vaca Enamorada is specialized in Argentina cuisine restaurant serving delicious cut of meat on the grill and greets visitors with a statue of a green cow, work of the artist Eugenia Benitez Bird. Here you can also eat fish, seafood and pastas. The food is homemade and plentiful.
Av Republica Argentina 79 -.  +54 421 179 3757

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