Wanda Mines in Iguazu

wanda03Colonia Wanda

Colonia Wanda  or simply Wanda mines in Iguazu, this city was founded in 1934 by a group of pioneers, mostly Poles. The name Wanda has several versions explaining its origin. The best known alludes to a famous Polish princess for her kindness and beauty that lived in the city of Krakow, who sacrificed himself for his country, throwing the Vistula river to not marry the heir to the German throne Prince. Another widely accepted version says that refers to the name of the daughter of Marshal Pilsudski the Polish army (a Polish hero)

Training Stones

Missions sits on the Massif de Brasilia, eleven castings which are one of the biggest world basalts, it formed 150 million years ago. The core of the earth lava came in different washes and cooling, gas balloons were trapped formed the basic rock, basalt, which in turn causes the semi precious stones. Basalt Mission has 93 percent iron oxide, hence the color of red earth.

Basalts, quartz and topaz

There are two kinds of basalt: constituted by small holes, called amygdaloid, and vesicular basalt, characterized by large cavities (rock with holes). The chemical -component of quartz silica, pure or with different oxides, penetrates the bedrock. The -químicamente is silica-quartz is the mineral that belongs to the group of precious stones. Quartz crystals adopt a particular way, according to their molecular organization which is determined by the chemical element that constitutes: bipyramidal, octahedral hexagonal prisms. By penetrating the silica in the cavity of bedrock (basalt), and having an abrupt cooling, crystals could not develop. Are cryptocrystalline quartz: agates (translucent) and Jaspers (opaque). The quartz fenocristalinos originated by slow cooling processes: amethyst, topaz, rock crystal. Most extraction is amethyst (rock crystal has gemological value) If amethysts are burned, turn yellow and called topaz.

Wanda today

It communicates to the rest of the country by the National Route No. 12, which connects with Puerto Iguazu, Posadas and Buenos Aires. Wanda also has its origin on Provincial Route 19, only access road to the town of Andresito and the international bridge that connects the latter with Capanema, Brazil. The main economic activity is forestry, about half of the land in the municipality are covered by woodlands reforested. Yerba mate cultivation and tourism are also important thanks to the exploitation of underground or open hinestones.

Obtaining Product

The run-up to workshops is the classification of raw materials and destiny. Once extracted, the quartz fenocristalinos cleaned with muriatic acid to remove impurities and other adhesions. Ore destined to gemology, which is the part that lacks crystal defects are then selected; on it are carried out at least 57 facets, that between light and refraction between the base and the bottom: this is the meaning of his stoning. Gems are classified after are thus obtained. The four major elements taken into account are: size, size, color and purity. The relevance of these estimates determines its value. They are gems because their nobility and hardness allow them to be ufilizadas in jewelry. For cryptocrystalline quartz, mining is not necessary, they are found on the surface, like boulders.

Diamond Products Technology

Gemstones entire diamond technology used, ie hardness 10. It can rough and cut in different ways according to the tools to hardness 7 on the esc. Mohs. Diamond saws are immersed in oil, devastation stones are diamond, drill bits for drilling well, then sanded with 4 sets of water sandpaper and finally buffed with Tripoli, which is a powder based on crustaceans. Trumbling technique (drumming) is to go desvastando stones with others in tamboreadoras, each with their abrasive drum. This miniproceso takes a week, with one month the whole process. If for any reason, will stand drums, a pastiche is formed, losing all material. Among the machinery we can find: automatic cutting saws, pulicortes saws, hand saws, sanders without horizontal and vertical end brocadoras, preforming, grinding, tamboreadoras, vibrating, copiers, drill bank, ultrasonic drilling, semi boliteras and heat treatment furnaces. All with diamond supplies for use in soft and hard stones.

Transforming the Crystal Pure Perfect Gema

Our lapping (facetadores), perform the delicate task of transforming a pure crystal in a perfect gem, using diamond tools and applying techniques faceted using exact proportions, achieving the highest quality and use of crystals.

Refine Part

Our goldsmiths have upscale goldsmiths which are perfected by attending various courses in the country and even abroad, allowing them to produce jewelry of all kinds with an indescribable beauty, achieving the perfect combination of finely gem faceted and metal frame with upscale retailers artisan finishes, getting a quality typical of the best jewelers in the world. So also in the field of goldsmithing work area stamping, rolling, and injection of metals, used in the manufacture of trimmings.

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