Flavors typical tour of Iguazu

Romantic, to eat two

Within the complex Iguazu Jungle Lodge is romantic, a true paradise for dining in Puerto Iguazu. Both for those who are housed within the complex to those who come up there, this small but perfect restaurant is one of the culinary gems that owns the missionary city. In addition to eating with lit candles, you can enjoy the moonlight or inn in the waters of an endless pool stars. The cuisine deserves a separate paragraph.

Native delicacies of Argentina cuisine as tamales, empanadas and cake surubí wrapped mass of manioc and corn, meat and offal of the best courses in the country, stews and sauteed sweetbreads and riñoncitos, and casseroles of seafood in clay oven part this culinary pleasure that can be experienced every night of the year. The desserts also deserve special mention. They are impeccable. Including the “ice cream tile gallery on neglect sauce cook” appears to put a finishing touch to this evening, obviously, it is cheering with the best labels of wines and champagnes of Argentina and the world.
A must-see place to treat yourself. Ideal for romantics of all ages.

La Mision, a gastronomic paradise

Proposals that has the distinguished Amerian Portal de Iguazú are really fascinating for the visitor and the Mission restaurant is one of them. Elegant style and with details of thematic and native decoration, who gets there, whether or not staying at the hotel, you can enjoy excellent cuisine with international and regional dishes as well as a wide range of drinks of international cocktails. The desserts are amazing and attention, rarely seen. Impossible not to want to return.

Maria Preta, a place of very good wood

There is no doubt that kindness, joy and personality of its owner have permeated this relatively new site in the city, which opened in July 2009 and that willpower, inventiveness and innovation is already a classic among neighbors. Maria Preta is named after a tree named by the Portuguese who colonized Brazil and thus called a typical plant of the entire jungle region that blooms from September to November.

Here, dishes based on fish place, as the pacu, surubí and golden palms lead, combined with excellent sauces of roquefort, mustard and wine. Meats, pastas and, of course, the grill are other great options when choosing. But the great protagonist of Maria Preta is undoubtedly the caiman, which has one of the richest and particular meats in the world with a unique flavor. Here it is served in many ways, but earn the plaudits two recipes: I yacaré with scallion cream and fried manioc sticks or yacaré to Maria Preta with chipá Guazú accompanied by Paraguayan soup. Both a real treat.
Closing time, especially something from this place, the place diners. Here there is always room for one more dish to a haggard. Music, live shows and permanent joy makes this a classic live unforgettable moments in Puerto Iguazu.
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Aqva, an unmissable corner

A modern first class restaurant. Vintage architecture maintained even in the smallest detail is combined with excellent regional cuisine and author to give life to Aqva an unforgettable for lunch and dinner. Here meats, pasta, grilled, birds and fish are the stars, which blend harmoniously with sauces of all kinds. Wines of high standards and excellent wineries are available for the visitor lives really unforgettable moments.
Input, hash surubí or smoked salmon. Main course, the trilogy of the river, formed by the dorado, pacu and surubí or tropical surubí, accompanied by mushroom sauce or nuts. For dessert, white chocolate mousse with brownies or chocolate mousse black with white chocolate ice cream two treats that justify staying to make a desktop with a cut or a coffee, so that the evening never ends. Aqva, an amazing place, in a small town that also has incredible features.


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