Hidden and natural tourist attractions in Iguazu Falls


Orquidiario del Indio Solitario in Iguazu Falls

It is located very near the Hito Tres Fronteras, in the city of Puerto Iguazu. Receives 5 percent of daily visitors to the Iguazu National Park, according to records of the owner. Orchids are well presented in an area adapted for crecimento and visiting tourists. Until sunset tourists enjoy a short walk inside the place where they are received and guided through a very interesting and educational talk.
More than 150 tourists visit daily the Orquidiario del Indio Solitario, one of the most important attractions of the city of Puerto Iguazu.
Thus, the statistics relate to the 5 percent of the daily income is recorded in the Iguazu National Park. “A few more days and other days less, but often visits we receive relates to 5 percent of income falls,” Solis, owner Orquidiario Indian Solitario said.
Most visitors are Argentines, Brazilians but lately come to consult orchid species and permits to cross the border with them, depending on the quantity and little interested in prices. “Brazilian tourists consult regarding the amount that can cross his country and explains that are 6 units maximum, extending the invoice corresponding purchase and authorization of the Ministry of Ecology of Misiones,” Solis told El Turista in Missions.

Garden of hummingbirds, Puerto Iguazu

Garden of the Garden of hummingbirds hummingbirds is a small place where you can observe hummingbirds of various shades, incredible virtuosic flight, beat their wings from flower to flower, another natural place that you can visit in Iguazu.
More than 15 species of hummingbirds in total freedom, come directly from the forest to feed in this garden.
You can watch half a meter away, even on rainy days.

Ibira Reta Botanical Park, Puerto Iguazu

Reta Ibira Botanico park Guided tour on the theme of missionary flora.
In an interpretive journey along a path within 1.5hectareas can see some examples of relevant species where the use (medicinal, food, ornamental, etc.) of these comments.
In addition, visitors can stay in a themed botanical site and participate in activities.

Guarani Myths Theme Park

Myths Guaranies Theme Park theme park unique in the Province. Located in the town of Wanda.

The park has a trail where visitors can connect with nature and in turn learn more about the beliefs myths, legends and customs of the region.

The tour lasts about 40 minutes during which the visitor can closely observe each mythical character woodcarving between these to Kurupi-Pombero-Luison-Kaa Yary The Mensu Camba Bolsa, will have a little story of the legend thereof and their origin .

Carvings Museum Puerto Iguazu

Located in the heart of the Atlantic Forest in Puerto Iguazu, Carvings Museum exhibits Puerto Iguazu life and work of Rodolfo T. Allou, a self-taught artist who worked tirelessly native wood, while proposing a journey through history of the local community.
Museum carvings Teofilo Allou
Native, animals, popular characters, religious, regional legends inhabit this museum created almost 60 years ago by the artist, where the visitor intends to delve into the roots of this land filled adventure.

Don Allou spent much of his life seeking ways wood and scenarios reflecting, at that time, national territory of Misiones. Pioneer player in the formation of the town, Allou was passionate about high Paranaense forest, where was figures with their tools, or simply found in branches, vines or roots that made him the missionary mount its path.

This museum, which reopened in December 2009 with a new museology, is located at Km 5 Route 12, in the port of Santa Maria del Yguazú Sanctuary.

Guira Oga, Puerto Iguazu

The center Güirá Oga which means home of birds, is a unique place where the forest tells its secrets to visitors.

It is a research and conservation of the forest and its biodiversity, while also plays a unique role as a center for environmental education and as a tourist attraction highlights of Iguazu.

The Aripuca

The Aripuca The Aripuca, is an Agro-Eco-tourism family business built in order to:

Raise awareness of the natural resources we have and importance. Encourage action to preserve and promote environmental care. Spread the culture, beliefs and traditions of the region.

Constructed of trees rescued from illegal trade and timber and inspired by a typical trap of the Guarani peoples propping.

The Aripuca is imposed with its 17 meters high and more than 500,000 Kgs of weight distributed in 30 species native to the Atlantic Forest, many ancient trees, grouped to show us what we’re missing and how, from the lack of interest and concern for the care of our environment, we will be victims of our own trap.

Upon entering the monument you can go walking through each of the logs, learning from direct contact, a little more about the Atlantic Forest and its main protagonists.

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