Legend of Iguazu Falls

The Legend of Iguazu Falls is two Guarani protagonists: Naipí and Tarobá.

Iguazu falls legendOn the banks had their villages Iguazu Guarani Indians living happily in the fertile lands bathed by the river where the god dwelt Mboi, son Tupa. This god who looked like a monstrous snake, just as they were required to pay protection once a year he was given a beautiful young woman who must have been thrown into the river to live only for their worship.

This ceremony was very important to the village and so, the day appointed for the offering, held a big party to which were invited the neighboring tribes. One year was chosen for sacrifice Igobi daughter, the chief of the village, a beautiful young woman named Naipí from which it was said that when he looked out into the river stopped to admire its beauty, maybe that’s why I was so pleased with Mboi the offering. But things were a bit complicated as the head of one of the tribes invited came a handsome boy named Tarobá that seeing the girl was captivated by its beauty so much he decided to talk to the father of Naipí and the tribal elders to save her. But they are not allowed to convince the offering was worthy of God and would be delivered.

Iguazu falls legendTarobá not give up and thought only could save if enraptured, so I waited until the party was at her most intense, while the sorcerer and the chiefs drank cauim (drink made from fermented cassava or corn) and warriors danced He took Naipí hand and led her to a canoe that was prepared in the river. Nobody noticed the disappearance of the couple, no one except Mboi, which from the river watching the party in which he would be offered the young. Tarobá drove the canoe downstream aided by the current, but Mboi he was furious and began to pursue his anger was such that penetrated into the depths of the earth making the river course is broken into two parts, one rose at high altitude and the other producing sank the falling water form a large waterfall that dragged the canoe in which they were traveling lovers. But this did not soften the fury of Mboi, not enough that both died, wished for them a great punishment to last forever, so Tarobá transformed into a tree leaning over the waters born as if it reaches Naipí turn was turned into a rock in the middle of the river just at the place where it falls harder water from the waterfall, then he got into a big cave so you can monitor and prevent somehow join.

But the power of love always tries two loving hearts can join sometime and so, on days when the sun shines brightly, comes a rainbow that connects the tree with the rock for a moment allowing lovers are despite opposition from Mboi.

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