Puerto Iguazu Tourist Information:

Puerto Iguazu: closet town from the Iguazu Falls in Argentina.

Puerto Iguazu Misiones Argentina

To reach this charming town and one of the most fascinating of South America, you can opt for the air as it has Iguazú International Airport just 17 miles from downtown.
From Brazil and Paraguay is achieved through cross Tancredo Neves International Bridge. Puerto Iguazú is chosen annually by millions of tourists who come to enjoy a natural environment that explodes in multiple ways.
Trips and tours to Iguazu National Park, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, can be taken from Buenos Aires, Rio and San Pablo among other cities. Once you arrive in the Iguazu Falls National Park you will be able to enjoy about 275 waterfalls and learn about the exotic flora and fauna of Subtropical rain forest of Latin America. In the city of Puerto Iguazu you can visit the museums Mbororé and the one of Natural Sciences, besides you may explore as well the Hito Tres Fronteras and the International Casino. From Puerto Iguazu it is possible to do excursions to Ciudad del Este (Paraguay), where there is a major exhibition which sells handicrafts and electronic products. Finally from Puerto Iguazu Argentina it is also possible to do other rides out to Brazil to see the falls with a new perspective.

Practical information of Puerto Iguazu

Iguazu Falls Argentina

The city of Puerto Iguazú is located in the northeast of Argentina, 300 km north of the provincial capital Posadas, and borders with Brazil and Paraguay by the confluence of the Parana and Iguazu.
It is an excellent tourist place where there is the greatest show of water and jungle on the face of the earth through the majestic Iguazu Falls, “big water” in Guarani.
This region has a humid subtropical warm climate with no dry season, with temperatures ranging between 20 º and 33 º C in summer, while winter is mild and pleasant. To note it is the high degree of humidity rise causing precipitation decrease thermal amplitudes and generates a continuous increase in cloudiness.
Topographically, Puerto Iguazu is located in a subregion withy plateaus, the soil is rocky with a deep red hue that comes from the breakdown of melafiros-iron-rich rocks, although the profiles of the cliffs are covered with humus, which favors development of the lush jungle of Misiones. Puerto Iguazu, a is definitely a place to be amazed by nature at its beauty.

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