What to see in Iguazu Falls

Below we describe in this article 3 things to do when visiting the Iguazu Falls

House birds
Located at Km 5, National Route No. 12
Guira Oga is a recovery center and breeding birds belonging to the forest of Paraná whose existence is threatened. From here you develop captive breeding programs for endangered species, as well as recovery plans for individuals injured or confiscated by the authorities. Other functions include bird rehabilitation and educational reservation conformation.
A visit to this site can find wide variety of birds among which various species of eagles.
The House birds Guira Oga is open every day from 8:30 to 19:30.

Things to do in Iguazu Falls

Hito Tres Fronteras

It is also named in English 3 borders points because it is the only place in the world where two rivers divide three countries: Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Magnificent space where two rivers and three cultures are consummated and the attractiveness of majestic and impressive Iguazu Falls.
From this tourist site it can be seen the three neighboring countries, distinguishing each obelisk painted in national colors for.
Located at the international meeting point, and framed in an attractive vegetation, there is a traditional broker that presents exhibits and sells traditional local handicrafts made by the Guarani Indians using the techniques learned from their ancestors.

Iguazu Falls things to do

Museum Images of the Forest

It is located in Puerto Esperanza, Guatambú street, corner of Los Cedros.

Preserve the works of Theophilus Allou, a dentist whose passion was the art and nature. This man has carved in woods the Misionera forest and its inhabitants. These stunning sculptures amaze the eyes of everyone who enters the museum, the best sculpture is one which is called expectant mother that it is an artistic creation for which he used as a model an Aboriginal Guarani pregnant. The museum also includes works on characters recognized as Allou Cafrune and writer Jorge Horacio Quiroga, another lover of the jungle.

It opens its doors to the public every day from 8 to 18 hours.
It is located in the town of Puerto Esperanza, Ruta 12 – Km 5
At the entrance of Santa Maria del Iguazú sanctuary.

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