Semi precious stones in Wanda mines

minas-de-wanda6150 million years ago the foundation on which most of the province of Misiones relies formed. The missionary movements lava land suffered from the center of the earth. When the lava cooled, lots of gas bubbles trapped and then gave life to this exotic basalt composed of semiprecious stones.
This not only happened in Wanda, but in different mission locations that can be accessed from the famous town of Puerto Iguazu Falls National Park header.
But the site became more known are the famous Wanda Mines. There, hundreds of people (high season thousands) quotes, morning and evening are given, to enjoy the beauty that offer these beautiful stones of quartz crystals, agate and topaz, besides the famous purple amethysts that have become world known to this small missionary place.
Wanda was the name of a Polish princess who liked the gems. Hence the name of this population enjoys today, found lying on the banks of the Parana River and meters from National Route 12, where the entry sign and various craftsmen are offering some of the stones.

Among the characteristics of this mine its particularity of being outdoors or open appears. Visitors can walk, browse their caves and even observe the exact moment that operators perform some of explosions continue drilling basalt.
Perfect for large who want a souvenir, and for guys who can see with their own eyes a spectacle that are used to see only in movies or documentaries, and here is part of everyday ride.
The stones are agate, amethyst, topaz, jasper and different types of quartz. In Wanda various mining establishments, where removing the stones also the task of cutting is done, polished and produce different types of products from ornaments to jewelry work.

The deposits of gemstones Tierra Colorada mines and Compania Minera Wanda, both lying on the banks of the Paraná River, are a unique attraction, visited daily by hundreds of tourists from around the world. The gemstone mines are the main attraction of Colonia Wanda, a town located 40 kilometers from Iguazu Falls and 260 of Posadas, on National Route 12.

Varieties of quartz, agate, rock crystal, amethyst and topaz are elaborately worked to become fine jewelry. Besides the stones can be seen in its natural state, extraction and processing.
After traveling a nice path bordered by lush vegetation, picturesque typical wooden houses and endless pine plantations, main economic resource of the province of Misiones, you reach the small town of Wanda, where are located the mines of semi-precious stones pit open.

In 1976 they discovered a vein in Wanda, who became the first mine in the province and has since started this job. Wanda took its name from a Polish princess, villagers have pride. The floor, semi precious, allows holdings outdoor air or groundwater, which become bright crafts that travel the world.

Visitors can follow closely opencast mining and caverns. In some cases the work takes more than a year, requiring careful handling in artisanal because the treasures are hidden in fragile areas that can not be excavated with explosives. The scouts are afraid of damaging the edges of the stones.

In addition to the brightness of the stones, the tourist circuit offers the opportunity to accompany the stoning of the stones. A collection of local species is exhibited in the Museum of Stones. The park has specialized shops where you can buy raw or processed samples.

The tour guides say that knowing the mines helps build up strength with the positive energy emanating from the place. This is because the environment is surrounded by natural sources. It is on the bank of the Paraná River, not far from the Iguazu Falls, contrasting with the green, air and fertile land of the Iguassu National Park.

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